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10/22/2019mp384 MB10/22/2019
Green ain’t your color1
10/20/2019mp366 MB10/20/2019
Green ain’t your color
10/20/2019mp366 MB10/20/2019
Keyed-In On Sin
10/13/2019mp357 MB10/13/2019
9/21/2019mp346 MB9/21/2019
9/21/2019mp347 MB9/21/2019
8/27/2019mp359 MB8/27/2019
The Upside Down
8/27/2019mp359 MB8/27/2019
Veiled Mirrors
8/13/2019mp370 MB8/13/2019
Body Language_7-28-19
7/28/2019mp346 MB7/28/2019
WaterSpirit Light_7-21-19
7/21/2019mp354 MB7/21/2019
Winning at Love
7/17/2019mp347 MB7/17/2019
Parallel Lives Never Touch
7/09/2019mp367 MB7/09/2019
7/09/2019mp358 MB7/09/2019
Home and Exile 6-23-19
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3-10-19 Contagious Hope
3/22/2019mp351 MB3/22/2019
3/22/2019mp338 MB3/22/2019
3-17-19 House on the Rock
3/22/2019mp338 MB3/22/2019
2-14-19 Temptation
3/06/2019mp353 MB3/06/2019
3-03-19 Armor Up
3/05/2019mp350 MB3/05/2019
2-17-19 The Tempter
2/19/2019mp349 MB2/19/2019
2/04/2019mp350 MB2/04/2019
2/04/2019mp348 MB2/04/2019
1/08/2019mp356 MB1/08/2019
12-23-18 The Reason
1/01/2019mp359 MB1/01/2019
1/01/2019mp358 MB1/01/2019
1/01/2019mp358 MB1/01/2019
1/01/2019mp359 MB1/01/2019
Approval Addict
11/20/2018mp382 MB11/20/2018
11/18/2018mp371 MB11/18/2018
11/18/2018mp368 MB11/18/2018
11/14/2018mp347 MB11/14/2018
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11/14/2018mp352 MB11/14/2018
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Breaking Free_Nov 4-2018
11/14/2018mp369 MB11/14/2018
11/14/2018mp378 MB11/14/2018
11/04/2018mp369 MB11/04/2018
5/27/2018mp363 MB5/27/2018
The Secret
5/22/2018mp362 MB5/22/2018
Eternity is Now in Session
5/15/2018mp364 MB5/15/2018
Alone Together
5/10/2018mp356 MB5/10/2018
My Downcast Soul
4/29/2018mp359 MB4/29/2018
Big Deal or Little Deal
4/24/2018mp356 MB4/24/2018
Still Small Voice
4/17/2018mp342 MB4/17/2018
4/08/2018mp379 MB4/08/2018
Believe It or Not
4/08/2018mp370 MB4/08/2018
3/25/2018mp362 MB3/25/2018
3/23/2018mp373 MB3/23/2018
No time for Lillies
3/13/2018mp364 MB3/13/2018
3/08/2018mp357 MB3/08/2018
3/08/2018mp357 MB3/08/2018
3/06/2018mp354 MB3/06/2018
3/04/2018mp355 MB3/04/2018
Jesus and My Shame (1)
2/25/2018mp371 MB2/25/2018
2/18/2018mp376 MB2/18/2018
2/11/2018mp364 MB2/11/2018
Coming Clean
2/08/2018mp363 MB2/08/2018
Let Go and Let God
1/28/2018mp384 MB1/28/2018
Me Too
1/21/2018mp376 MB1/21/2018
Gripped By a Good Story
1/17/2018mp358 MB1/17/2018
1/09/2018mp352 MB1/09/2018
The Truth That Frees
1/09/2018mp373 MB1/09/2018
12/17/2017mp375 MB12/17/2017
The Culture of Me
12/10/2017mp375 MB12/10/2017
The Man in the Mirror
12/03/2017mp367 MB12/03/2017
Richful Thinking
11/26/2017mp373 MB11/26/2017
No Whining
11/19/2017mp375 MB11/19/2017
The Greatest Commandment
11/12/2017mp347 MB11/12/2017
10/30/2017mp386 MB10/30/2017
10/22/2017mp362 MB10/22/2017
This Is War
10/15/2017mp384 MB10/15/2017
Broken Cisterns
10/11/2017mp363 MB10/11/2017
Thinking Christianly
10/05/2017mp363 MB10/05/2017
Your Slip is Showing
9/20/2017mp361 MB9/20/2017
The Narrow Road
9/20/2017mp342 MB9/20/2017
8/28/2017mp347 MB8/28/2017
8/28/2017mp347 MB8/28/2017
Childish to Childlike
8/23/2017mp371 MB8/23/2017
8/09/2017mp372 MB8/09/2017
Jesus is Lord(2)
7/27/2017mp360 MB7/27/2017
Jesus is Lord
7/26/2017mp360 MB7/26/2017
YES People
7/18/2017mp364 MB7/18/2017
7/11/2017mp350 MB7/11/2017
The NO Scalpel
7/11/2017mp378 MB7/11/2017
Hurried Sick
6/27/2017mp358 MB6/27/2017
My Favorite Job
6/27/2017mp368 MB6/27/2017
6/11/2017mp3602 KB6/11/2017
6/11/2017mp376 MB6/11/2017
6/04/2017mp363 MB6/04/2017
The Land Between
5/21/2017mp375 MB5/21/2017
Deo Volente
5/14/2017mp360 MB5/14/2017
5/09/2017mp354 MB5/09/2017
Where Now
4/30/2017mp343 MB4/30/2017
4/25/2017mp374 MB4/25/2017
Naked and Unashamed
4/25/2017mp371 MB4/25/2017
4/18/2017mp369 MB4/18/2017
2017 Mexico
4/03/2017mp4111 MB4/03/2017
Jesus and my Shame
4/02/2017mp343 MB4/02/2017
Got Joy
3/23/2017mp355 MB3/23/2017
Learning COntentment
3/12/2017mp367 MB3/12/2017
Feeding Your Mind
3/05/2017mp374 MB3/05/2017
Minding Your Mind
2/26/2017mp371 MB2/26/2017
The Grace of Giving
2/12/2017mp381 MB2/12/2017
Pray About Everything
1/29/2017mp373 MB1/29/2017
Why Worry
1/15/2017mp370 MB1/15/2017
Living In Peace
12/27/2016mp348 MB12/27/2016
Citizens of Heaven
12/11/2016mp363 MB12/11/2016
12/04/2016mp359 MB12/04/2016
12/04/2016mp380 MB12/04/2016
Count Your Blessings
11/27/2016mp387 MB11/27/2016
Stay In Love
11/27/2016mp354 MB11/27/2016
Why We Fight
11/13/2016mp362 MB11/13/2016
11/06/2016mp370 MB11/06/2016
The Big Picture
10/30/2016mp340 MB10/30/2016
Joy in the Real World
10/25/2016mp374 MB10/25/2016
Cycle of Grace
10/18/2016mp361 MB10/18/2016
extraORDINARY Life
10/03/2016mp347 MB10/03/2016
What not to wear - anger
9/08/2016mp363 MB9/08/2016
Sept 4_sync channels 3
9/08/2016mp363 MB9/08/2016
7/26/2016mp374 MB7/26/2016
7/13/2016mp359 MB7/13/2016
Freedoms Cost
7/05/2016mp367 MB7/05/2016
Liar Liar
6/26/2016mp367 MB6/26/2016
6/19/2016mp372 MB6/19/2016
6/12/2016mp364 MB6/12/2016
You Shall Not Steal
6/05/2016mp373 MB6/05/2016
5/29/2016mp375 MB5/29/2016
Choose Rest
5/22/2016mp375 MB5/22/2016
Respect The Name
5/15/2016mp358 MB5/15/2016
No Idols
5/10/2016mp371 MB5/10/2016
No Other Godsmp3
5/01/2016mp376 MB5/01/2016
Responding to Conflict
4/24/2016mp358 MB4/24/2016
Understanding the rules
4/17/2016mp369 MB4/17/2016
Set In Stone
4/10/2016mp365 MB4/10/2016
3/29/2016mp381 MB3/29/2016
3/24/2016mp370 MB3/24/2016
3/24/2016mp367 MB3/24/2016
Me My Selfie and I
3/06/2016mp358 MB3/06/2016
Dont Pet Your Peeves
2/28/2016mp368 MB2/28/2016
2/21/2016mp354 MB2/21/2016
Pray For One Another
2/14/2016mp341 MB2/14/2016
2/08/2016mp353 MB2/08/2016
1/31/2016mp370 MB1/31/2016
1/24/2016mp370 MB1/24/2016
1/17/2016mp379 MB1/17/2016
The Extra Mile
1/10/2016mp376 MB1/10/2016
Freedoms Bonds Part2
1/07/2016mp364 MB1/07/2016
Freedoms Bonds
12/27/2015mp361 MB12/27/2015
It's Not Your Birthday
12/20/2015mp345 MB12/20/2015
Peace On Earth
12/15/2015mp367 MB12/15/2015
Win Win pt2
12/06/2015mp369 MB12/06/2015
HE Wins-She Wins-We Win
11/29/2015mp359 MB11/29/2015
Hiding In Plain Sight
11/25/2015mp372 MB11/25/2015
11/17/2015mp360 MB11/17/2015
Before You Say I Do
11/17/2015mp354 MB11/17/2015
11/15/2015mp367 MB11/15/2015
11/08/2015mp361 MB11/08/2015
Love Busters Part 2
11/01/2015mp376 MB11/01/2015
Love Busters Pt1
10/25/2015mp368 MB10/25/2015
Love Is Blind
10/18/2015mp369 MB10/18/2015
Jesus Love Me
9/27/2015mp364 MB9/27/2015
Fathers in the Field
6/23/2015mp358 MB6/23/2015
Too Good to be true
6/23/2015mp361 MB6/23/2015
Where are you headed
6/09/2015mp345 MB6/09/2015
Free to Choose
5/31/2015mp356 MB5/31/2015
Cutting the Strings
5/24/2015mp361 MB5/24/2015
People Pleasers
5/17/2015mp364 MB5/17/2015
The Greatest
5/10/2015mp358 MB5/10/2015
What Role Do You Play
5/03/2015mp360 MB5/03/2015
4/29/2015mp340 MB4/29/2015
4/19/2015mp363 MB4/19/2015
4/14/2015mp357 MB4/14/2015
4/07/2015mp360 MB4/07/2015
Radical Hospitality
4/01/2015mp351 MB4/01/2015
None of Your Business
3/22/2015mp347 MB3/22/2015
Unsinkable Joy
3/18/2015mp361 MB3/18/2015
3/08/2015mp352 MB3/08/2015
Full Closets - Empty Souls
3/03/2015mp369 MB3/03/2015
A Generous Heart
2/22/2015mp364 MB2/22/2015
The Challenge of Wealth
2/18/2015mp363 MB2/18/2015
2/08/2015mp362 MB2/08/2015
The Comparison Trap
2/03/2015mp365 MB2/03/2015
The School of Contentment
1/25/2015mp368 MB1/25/2015
Full Barn - Empty House
1/18/2015mp359 MB1/18/2015
Time Flies
1/11/2015mp358 MB1/11/2015
You Poked My Heart
12/15/2014mp383 MB12/15/2014
The Porcupine Dilemma
12/09/2014mp372 MB12/09/2014
The American Dream
11/30/2014mp359 MB11/30/2014
11/23/2014mp356 MB11/23/2014
All In
11/16/2014mp357 MB11/16/2014
Blindsided By Grace
11/09/2014mp361 MB11/09/2014
11/05/2014mp360 MB11/05/2014
His Purpose His Plan
10/26/2014mp367 MB10/26/2014
Wired for Worship
10/21/2014mp360 MB10/21/2014
10/21/2014mp365 MB10/21/2014
Life On Purpose
10/05/2014mp359 MB10/05/2014
Battle Ready
9/28/2014mp349 MB9/28/2014
9/23/2014mp364 MB9/23/2014
9/14/2014mp365 MB9/14/2014
9/09/2014mp369 MB9/09/2014
How Good Is Good Enough
9/02/2014mp359 MB9/02/2014
Gods Voice
9/02/2014mp362 MB9/02/2014
Where Are You God
8/12/2014mp368 MB8/12/2014
Choose Your Rope
8/03/2014mp355 MB8/03/2014
7/29/2014mp359 MB7/29/2014
God and-or Science
7/20/2014mp370 MB7/20/2014
Letters From Home
7/08/2014mp357 MB7/08/2014
What About Doubt
7/01/2014mp370 MB7/01/2014
They are watching us
6/25/2014mp366 MB6/25/2014
6/15/2014mp341 MB6/15/2014
6/11/2014mp343 MB6/11/2014
Contagious Hope
6/04/2014mp342 MB6/04/2014
Death is the Problem
5/25/2014mp343 MB5/25/2014
5/21/2014mp342 MB5/21/2014
You Make Me So Mad
5/11/2014mp342 MB5/11/2014
Christina's story
5/06/2014mp4128 MB5/06/2014
Sex - Its Just Physical
5/06/2014mp350 MB5/06/2014
4/27/2014mp346 MB4/27/2014
Paid In Full
4/20/2014mp330 MB4/20/2014
Judge Not
4/18/2014mp385 MB4/18/2014
What's In a Name
4/16/2014mp349 MB4/16/2014
Sorrow's Freedom
4/16/2014mp342 MB4/16/2014
The Cup of Suffering
4/15/2014mp364 MB4/15/2014
4/15/2014mp345 MB4/15/2014
3/21/2014mp361 MB3/21/2014
Anxiety's Cure
3/21/2014mp358 MB3/21/2014
The Narrow-Minded Christian
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3/21/2014mp352 MB3/21/2014
Me Offended
3/21/2014mp353 MB3/21/2014
Treasuring Wisely
3/21/2014mp353 MB3/21/2014
3/21/2014mp350 MB3/21/2014
Temptation & Accusation
3/21/2014mp347 MB3/21/2014
Got Love
3/21/2014mp345 MB3/21/2014
In Community
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3/21/2014mp326 MB3/21/2014