The Satisfied Life

"Life is not measured by how much you own." Finding contentment in a culture of consumption.

Radical Hospitality SERIES Radical Hospitality

A community where everyone is loved, welcomed, and valued.

None of Your Business SERIES None of Your Business

Surrender your agenda or lose Christs.

Unsinkable Joy SERIES Unsinkable Joy

God does not promise you better life circumstances - He promises you a…

Happiness Is Serious Business SERIES Happiness Is Serious Business

Deep seated joy is a by-product of seeking something more than happiness.

Full Closets - Empty Souls SERIES Full Closets - Empty Souls

Contentment is the antidote for self-sufficient pride and lukewarm faith.

A Generous Heart SERIES A Generous Heart

Pursuing generosity requires trust

The Challenge of Wealth SERIES The Challenge of Wealth

Put your faith in God, who is rich and blesses us with everything we need…

Identity: Picked Out, Picked Up, Brought Home SERIES Identity: Picked Out, Picked Up, Brought Home

Who you are shapes what you do.

Envy: The Comparison Trap SERIES Envy: The Comparison Trap

The wounded voice of rage cries, "Why them and not me!" Break free from…

The School of Contentment SERIES The School of Contentment

Contentment frees us from the illusion that a purchase can fill our emptiness,…

Full Barns - Empty Houses SERIES Full Barns - Empty Houses

How deep are your roots?

Time Flies SERIES Time Flies

Given your finite number of days, what do you want to do with them; who…