What On Earth Am I Here For?

How do I live a life of Purpose?

You Poked My Heart SERIES You Poked My Heart

Things that cause people to stumble are bound to come, but woe to anyone…

The Porcupine Dilemma SERIES The Porcupine Dilemma

I am someone's porcupine – and so are you.

The American Dream SERIES The American Dream

I do what I want, when I want, with who I want.

Gratitude SERIES Gratitude

Gratitude has its benefits

All In SERIES All In

If you don't go all in until your fully ready - you never will.

Blindsided By Grace SERIES Blindsided By Grace

Jesus - the light of the world and the friend of sinners.

You Were Shaped to Serve God SERIES You Were Shaped to Serve God

Every Christ follower has a unique contribution to make.

His Purpose His Plan SERIES His Purpose His Plan

God does have an amazing, all encompassing plan.

Community SERIES Community

We were designed to live in community - face to face.

Wired for Worship SERIES Wired for Worship

What you worship will shape you.

Life On Purpose SERIES Life On Purpose

What difference could it make if we acted like life is all about God and…

The Opportunity of a Lifetime SERIES The Opportunity of a Lifetime

You will take the person you are becoming into eternity. Let God shape…

Did You Really Have To Go There? SERIES Did You Really Have To Go There?

Dealing with your past: the truth about your failures.

Battle Ready SERIES Battle Ready

A real enemy, a real battle - real hope.