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Epiphany SERIES' Epiphany

The Moments in which Jesus Reveals Himself to Us

Green ain’t your color SERIES' Green ain’t your color

Your anger, resentment, or sadness may be symptoms
of a heart infected…

Keyed-In On Sin SERIES' Keyed-In On Sin

Rather than reducing us to our most fundamental flaw, Jesus forgives.

Christians Aren't Just Forgiven SERIES' Christians Aren't Just Forgiven

The question isn’t just, if I were to die tonight but…

What is Making a Monkey Out of You? SERIES' What is Making a Monkey Out of You?

What have you taken a hold of that has now taken a hold of you?

Parallel Lives Never Touch SERIES' Parallel Lives Never Touch

Single stand alone sermons

Water Spirit Light SERIES' Water Spirit Light

Single stand alone sermons

Body Language SERIES' Body Language

Single stand alone sermons

Veiled Mirrors SERIES' Veiled Mirrors

Single stand alone sermons

The Upside Down SERIES' The Upside Down

Single stand alone sermons

Pray – Thank - Think – Do SERIES' Pray – Thank - Think – Do

Single stand alone sermons